Call to Action | John Lee Jellicorse Endowed Scholarship

Call to Action

Dear Friends,

Elliot Curtis and I are fellow UNCG graduates and Broadcasting Cinema majors, and we thought you would be interested to know that in July of 2012 we established The Dr. John Lee Jellicorse Endowed Scholarship in Media Studies!

Many of you may remember Dr. Jellicorse and the impact he had on the Broadcast Cinema department (now Media Studies) and the University as a whole.  In an effort to say thank you, we established this scholarship to honor a man who dedicated most of his professional life to the university, and gave so much to his students and the department.

This is the first endowed scholarship in the Media Studies department, which holds a special significance for all of us with ties to our Broadcasting Cinema days. With this scholarship, Dr. Jellicorse’s legacy will live on in perpetuity for future generations of Media Studies students at UNCG.

As you can imagine, Dr. Jellicorse was thrilled to hear the news, and in April of this year, he and I had the pleasure of meeting the very first recipient, Shaniece Harvey.

Giving back to the Universitiy has been an extremely rewarding experience and one of the greatest things we’ve ever done to pay it forward.  I would like to give you an opportunity to share in this significant event and contribute to the success of this scholarship with a donation as well.

Our goal is to fully fund this endowment by 2015.  We’ve started with an initial gift of $10,000.  Our next goal is to get to $15,000 by Dec 31st 2013, $20,000 by the end of 2014 and finally reach $25,000 by the end of 2015.

We’re looking for 10 gifts at the $100 level, and 6 gifts at the $500 level, and 3 gifts at the $1,000 level.  If we are successful, that would put us just over our goal for 2013!

Elliot and I will be making phone calls over the next few weeks, and we’d love to talk to you about the scholarship and see if you would be willing to support us in achieving our goal.

This is an opportunity to give back in a very special way and say “thank you” with the gift of education.  Since graduating in 1989, my educational experience at UNCG put me on a path toward an exciting career in broadcasting and public relations, and gave me the foothold I needed to start my own business.  It is my hope that, with your support, we can help provide the same education opportunity we enjoyed to someone else year after year.

Please consider any amount that is within your means, knowing you can also spread it out over the next few years by committing to smaller quarterly or annual donations.

We hope you will consider joining us in supporting UNCG and the Media Studies Department.



Kate Nugent Curtis ‘89