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Integrated liberal arts study focusing on the creative production and critical consumption of media.

Offering a BA Degree in Media Studies

The Department of Media Studies at UNCG offers courses relating to a wide array of moving-image media, from film and television to all electronic media sources, exploring, analyzing, and creating content from both sides of the screens. You'll learn how to make media AND develop the tools necessary to think more critically about what you see and hear in your daily life.


  • Anthem Series on Exploitation and Industry in World Cinema

    Media Studies faculty David Cook and Will Dodson have been named Editors of a new Anthem Press Series on Exploitation and Industry in World Cinema. The Anthem Series on Exploitation and Industry in World Cinema incorporates a broad range of scholarship on filmmakers, genres, cycles and national cinemas, focusing on ways in which exploitation filmmaking and distribution subsidize riskier commercial or “art cinema” work. Titles in this series focus on a single exploitation filmmaker/producer/distributor, an exploitation genre/cycle or the exploitation component of a national cinema. The series considers new and fuller understandings of the interdependent development of exploitation, commercial and arthouse cinema as technology enables new cultures of audience reception.

    Other UNCG faculty joining them on the Editorial Board are Jeffrey T. Adams and Kimberlianne Podlas.

  • Fausto Barrionuevo’s “Weight” was selected for debut at 2017 RiverRun International Film Festival

    It was also selected as part of the 2017 Carnegie Mellon International “Faces” Film Festival[...]


Congratulations to Media Studies Senior Tumaini Johnson, winner of Tribeca Campus Docs Grand Prize!

Tumaini Johnson’s Film 41 Shots was one of eight grand prize winners in the Tribeca Campus Docs (2018) special category, which screened at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Johnson’s 41 Shots is a restorative justice film, dramatizing the 1999 brutal police shooting of 22 year old Guinea Immigrant Amadou Diallo.

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