Offering a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media Studies

The Department of Media Studies at UNCG offers courses relating to a wide array of moving-image media, from film and television to all electronic media sources, exploring, analyzing, and creating content from both sides of the screens. You’ll learn how to make media AND develop the tools necessary to think more critically about what you see and hear in your daily life.


Recent News

Graduates’ short film will be shown at the Student World Impact Film Festival

August 18, 2022

The film “Anniversary” follows a man who deals with immense grief on the anniversary of his wife’s death.

Professor Hassan Pitts to collaborate with dancer Duane Cyrus on TIME: Liminal

July 25, 2022

TIME: Liminal is part of Creative Greensboro’s Hyers Residency Program at the Greensboro Cultural Center.

Student Stories

Students with Jack Hicks

The MST Client Based Media class recently interviewed Jack Hicks

An intellectual property attorney with Womble, Bond Dickson, Jack Hicks discussed the Touchstone Continuous Dyeing Process (1921), a key innovation that made Cone Mills one of the largest denim manufacturers in the world. Chase Gardner is producing the project for the White Oak Legacy Foundation.

Black and white bunny face

Mask/Maske Exhibition

Feb. 19 – Feb. 26
This exhibition is the first in a series of exhibitions featuring emerging artists from UNCG and five additional universities across The United States and Turkey. The theme of masks is broadly explored across video, animation, graphic design, and photography. The selected works highlight the use of masks in ritual, representation, and survival.

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