Undergraduate Program | Media Studies

Undergraduate Program


The Department of Media Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies. The Media Studies major is an integrated program of study that focuses on the creative production and critical consumption of a range of moving-image media. Majors have opportunities to study and produce narrative and documentary film, social advocacy and interdisciplinary media productions, fictional and non-fictional television, and video journalism. Students can craft their own program of study, drawing from courses on every aspect of film, video, and digital media production; media and screenwriting; media theory, history, and criticism; and news reporting and analysis. Students seeking vocational specializations should pursue relevant post-baccalaureate studies. The Department also offers two minors: a non-production Film & Television Studies minor and a Radio & Broadcast minor, each requiring 18 semester hours of courses.

Meet Abby

Abby Lowry found a love for creative marketing and content creation as a media studies major at UNCG. Follow her for a day in the life of a marketing assistant and aspiring agency owner.