Keeping it Reel in the Local Market: UNCG alum to speak on Entrepreneurship Day

Keeping it Reel in the Local Market: UNCG alum to speak on Entrepreneurship Day

October 21, 2019

For over ten years, UNCG alumnus Jeff Brewer has been patiently grinding and growing to build up his career as a local videographer. His success in the local market has stood to prove that opportunity exists in one’s backyard. Not only can one create beautiful videos, but grow a successful business, allowing for financial freedom to thrive professionally.  Jeff and his wife Amanda (also a UNCG alum) will be speaking to Frank Donaldson’s MST 100 Understanding Media Class on Entrepreneurship Day sponsored by UNCG’s Entrepreneurship Program on October 22nd.

As a graduate from UNCG, Jeff was eager to flex his creative muscles but also felt timid to step away from his beloved town of Greensboro. Traveling far from family and friends did not feel like a good fit, so instead, he chose to find a way to carve a path in his hometown.

Choosing to recognize that creating beautiful videos and films provide great personal gratification, but lacked professional success, Jeff sought to fill the void between the two realms. He chose to step back and focus on the big picture, rather than just a pretty picture. In viewing the vast landscape of video needs, he realized the endless potential in the world of video marketing. Companies knew they needed to jump on board with finding a video production company  to partner with, but the results often fell flat as most videographers opted for beauty over ROI.

With the realization that video stood to be more than just a badge of honor, MediaBrewer began to hone in on their market for corporate video production. Offering a unique service that not only creates stunning video quality but also provides integrated marketing for the videos produced to drive sales and solve problems, enabling growth for these companies. By keeping the bottom line in mind, MediaBrewer can grow their business and allow customers the opportunity to double and triple the investment made in the video marketing services.

These companies then turn into long term partnerships, leading to an increase in trust and the ability for MediaBrewer to spread its creative wings. Jeff enjoys this part as it allows him the freedom to do what he loves most, produce stunning imagery, and push the boundaries of his creativity.

So for all those out there not quite ready to tote off to Hollywood, take heart in knowing that opportunity for both professional and creative success lie within one’s backyard.