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Grade Appeals and INC Grades

Final Grade Appeals and Incomplete Grades

For UNCG Grading Policies, Final Grade Appeals, Incomplete Grades, Grade Changes, and Retaking a Course for a New Grade (Grade Replacement), please see

Students are directed to read the policies in full as detailed in the UNCG catalog.  What follows is not a binding interpretation of those policies, but is intended only to help students identify the appropriate policy.

Final Grade Appeals

If a student wishes to appeal an assigned final grade, the student should first discuss their concerns with the instructor within 90 calendar days after the final grade has been posted.

If the student feels that policies were violated and not properly handled by the instructor, then the student will complete a grade appeal form housed in the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies (ODUS –  (A copy of the form is also below on page 2).  After consultation with that office, the student may further appeal to the department head, the dean of the school or college, and the provost, in that order.

The Grade Appeal Policy does not apply to component grades, e.g. assignment/ project/ exam/ test, that the student receives during the course.

Incomplete Grades

Grades of Incomplete (INC) are given at the discretion of the instructor, and, typically are not appropriate merely because the student missed a significant number of class meetings.  A student cannot opt for an INC.

The coursework must be completed by the date set by the instructor, but no later than 6 months after the original grade was due.  (The instructor has no power to extend the 6 month deadline).

If an INC grade is not completed/ changed, the UNCG Registrar converts the grade to an F.  At that point, the instructor has no power to extend the INC deadline or to submit a Grade Replacement.