Mask/Maske Exhibition

Mask/Maske Exhibition

Black and white bunny face

February 2, 2022

The Sanarchy Collective launches Mask/Maske at Greensboro Project Space. This exhibition is the first in a series of exhibitions featuring emerging artists from six universities across The United States and Turkey. The theme of masks is broadly explored across video, animation, graphic design, and photography. The selected works highlight the use of masks in ritual, representation, and survival. The exhibition will be up at GPS from 2/21 through 2/26 as well as have a robust virtual component available at This exhibition will travel next to Czong Institute for Contemporary Art in South Korea.

About the Project:

In 2020 an informal network of professors agreed to build a thematic learning experience for our students by building a specific assignment out in classes. The goal at the beginning of this endeavor was to try to find a theme that was broad, and open-ended enough to plant a seed by way of a concept, and then see where that takes any given student, and from where students can explore from their personal perspective. The theme settled upon was “masks”, and has been explored for 2 academic school years.

There was a range of schools, fields of studies, and levels of instruction. The programs included the Department of Cartoon and Animation at Başkent University, the Department of Media Studies at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, the Kinetic Imaging Department at Virginia Commonwealth University, the Graphic Design Program at The College of New Jersey, Bilkent University, and the Art + Design : Media + Communication college at East Central University. The courses ranged from advanced to introductory level.

View the virtual exhibition here:

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